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Amman - The Complete Travel Guide

By Sara Branson, Posted on 09 Oct, 2021 at 11:25 am

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Amman - The Complete Travel Guide

Amman, the Historic Hub!

Amman is the capital city of Jordan. It is a modern landmark with many attractions and ancient ruins. This is a hilly located city famous for its historic destinations like Citadel Museum because of its historic Roman Temple and Umayyad palace, and its Grand Dome structure. The historical and architectural reasons make this city a more interesting spot for the world. In simpler words, Amman is the city to experience the Middle East!

Amman is famous for its unique Petra, mean Red-Rose City, making it the seventh most visited landmark. Another reason for its popularity is its desert areas, special rock formations, and tons of architectural civilizations.  Another reason for its popularity is its world-class art galleries like Nabad Art Gallery, Jacaranda Art Gallery, and Amman Panorama Art Gallery, which shows the art and cultural heritage of the city. Plus, thanks to its outdoor activities like street concerts and many top-notch street festivals, it enriches the city's art and culture and attracts thongs of crowds every year.

Things to do and see in Amman

When you’re traveling to Amman, make sure to explore every bit of this rose city. There is plenty of sightseeing and adventurous destinations. To present the best ideas for your trip, our travel guide shows some best places and activities to do here. Let’s go to emphasize them:

  • Amman Citadel

If you're looking for the archeology of Amman, head to the Citadel. This is a place located in the hills and has many architectural and historical heritage of Amman. When you come here, you'll feel like you exist in the Bronze Era. Don’t forget to take pictures at the Hercule's Temple. Above Hercules’s Temple, there are many unique buildings at Umayyad Palace.

  • Roman Theatre

When the question arises, what to do in Amman? The first thing that pops up in mind is Roman Theatre. Twenty minutes away from Citadel, Roman theatre is a place that restored Roman history and Jordanian history. This spot features unique curving notches perfect for seating and feels the glory of the theatre. Don’t miss it check out some cultural events before leaving like, summer concerts. Plus, don’t miss exploring the two best Jorden Traditional museums.

  • Rainbow Street

This is a can’t-miss spot with world-famous Jabal Amman historic roads. This is a perfect spot for relaxation—this spot offers many things to do. Start your trip with unique tea at Jara Cafe and Turtle Green Tea Cafeteria. Then start shopping for the best traditional handicrafts of the city at Souk Jara Market, and taste frozen fruits at Mr.Lollies. Don’t leave this spot without clicking some insta-worthy pictures with the above-hanging colored umbrellas.

  • Royal Automobile Museum

Are you a car enthusiast? Head to this amazing Automobile Museum. Which was established in 2003 and displays 1952’s Aston Marting, vintage motorbikes, Pordhcd Car, World War I armored Royce Rolls, and many outclass histrionic stuff.

Getting Around in Amman

This city facilitates the visitors by offering many cheap transportation services that pass from all the city's attractions. The city has plenty of public transports like taxis, minibusses, yellow busses, and many shared taxis. Travelers can also rent cars and bicycles.

Best hotels to book your trip

This city offers many outclass hotels with all the necessary amenities. Let our travels guide helps you to bring out some best Amman Hotels along with their unique features, which make them the best among other hotels:

  • Fairmont Amman

This is a five-star hotel with all the luxuries. This hotel features outclass Fairmont Gold rooms with King and Queen Size beds and a beautiful view from the glass windows. Plus, having a lush willow stream sauna area with a beauty club, the best aesthetic restaurants with inspired lather menus, and the best area for fairy-tale weddings.

Book Fairmont Amman

  • St. Regis Amman

This hotel has unique culinary restaurants presenting seafood, Italian, Levantine cuisine, and many different traditional turkey foods. This hotel has wide rooms with glass windows perfect to see the iconic view of the city and king and queen size beds with duvets. Plus, this hotel has an outdoor pool with a seating area and many other amenities.

Book St. Regis Amman

  • Four Seasons Amman

This hotel is decorated with white stone and glass, with award-winning warm reception. This hotel has unique rooms with neoclassical pieces of furniture, breweries, cocktails offering bars, lush spa area with a photogenic balcony.

Book Four Seasons Amman

  • Intercontinental Amman

This is one of the best hotels in Amman, featuring elegant rooms with a Middle Eastern touch, cuisines, a celebration area, and a beautiful sauna area. Its unique hilly location makes it more perfect to see the up-look of the city, plus a lush parking area, spa pool, and bars.

Book Intercontinental Amman

  • Rotana Amman

This is an elegant hotel with all the amenities. This hotel features a thermal area, Monarch Ballroom for events, a Bodyline fitness club, rooms with vibrant modern furniture, and diverse culinary arts. Other amenities include free WIFI, free toiletries, a parking area, rooms with a coffee maker, and much more.

Book Rotana Amman

It is recommended to experience at least once this iconic historic place. There is plenty of sightseeing and picturesque destinations here. Amman is the history-telling spot with a modern touch. Its 1,300 feet beneath the sea,  considered the ending point of Earth, its salinity and mineral-rich water are beyond the mind. We can assure you, your vacation in Amman will be among the best and memorable vacations ever.

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